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Channel 4 - Ministry of Justice Episode 2

ANNOUNCEMENT: Hey guys, I'm pleased to say I'll be appearing in @channel4's new Comedy show 'Ministry of justice' created by Jolyon Rubinstein & Heydon Prowse! (BAFTA award winning duo) The series will feature 3 hour long episodes, you'll see me in Episodes 2 and 3 but tune in and watch the antics from next week Friday November 30th at 11pm on Channel 4! This show pushes the boundaries trust me lol

(Excerpt from Channel 4) MINISTRY OF JUSTICE: A new comedy series from the Revolution Will Be Televised's Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse focussing on the world of crime and anti-social behaviour In this first episode, the masters of the hidden camera stunt attempt to solve Britain's drug problem, and establish the UK's first Designated Mugging Zone. Channel 4, 11.05pm